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  • Andexinger

    German family company founded in 1952 and specialized in the production of benches for pianos. Well known for the robustness of its hydraulic benches for concert halls and conservatories.

  • Bösendorfer

    Bösendorfer is one of the oldest and most prestigious piano brands. Since 1827 they have been producing, in the Austrian capital Vienna, pianos of greatest quality both played and admired by the greatest composers and musicians.

  • Discacciati

    Well known Italian manufacturer of high quality benches for pianos in velvet and leather

  • Petrof

    Petrof's beginnings date back to 1864 when Antonin Petrof built his first piano. After a few years, Petrof settles 150 km east of Prague, in the Czech city of Hradec Kralové. The factory is still there today.   The significant expansion of their market over the last 30 years (85 countries nowadays) and the excellent quality / price ratio of their instruments have allowed production to increase to more than 20,000 instruments per year.   More than half a million instruments have been produced to this day.   Our collaboration with Petrof dates back to 1958 and we are currently exclusive reseller for the Brussels region

  • Roland

    Roland is a Japanese brand of musical instruments established in Osaka since 1970. Roland's history is marked by revolutionary instruments, rewarded by many distinctions, innovative musical technologies and new markets. By concentrating their efforts on research and development, Roland and its related brands have become world market leaders in the field of electronic music and technology.

  • Schimmel

    Tradition, quality, originality, these are just a few words that have contributed to Schimmel becoming the leading German producer for many decades. Schimmel produces only high-end pianos. Therefore, the first models are already of excellent quality. Singing, precise and romantic, Schimmel is suitable for all types of repertoire. Touch nice and balanced. Good precision of the mechanics. Maintaining agreement is no problem. Like many German brands, these instruments have a long life and are highly appreciated on the second-hand market.

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