Petrof's beginnings date back to 1864 when Antonin Petrof built his first piano. After a few years, Petrof settles 150 km east of Prague, in the Czech city of Hradec Kralové. The factory is still there today.   The significant expansion of their market over the last 30 years (85 countries nowadays) and the excellent quality / price ratio of their instruments have allowed production to increase to more than 20,000 instruments per year.   More than half a million instruments have been produced to this day.   Our collaboration with Petrof dates back to 1958 and we are currently exclusive reseller for the Brussels region

  • Petrof P122 N2


    P125 M1

  • Petrof P125 M1



  • Petrof P131 M1



  • Petrof Model P IV

    Second hand

    P 187 PE

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